About The Finishing School

We have been at work for centuries, gathering the best of wisdom and knowledge and making it available to our students. The intent of the work is to help our students progress toward their best selves and building a better world for all to live in. We take the finest from both the past and present in order to create the future we want to see. A future of courage, perseverance, kindness, openness to all….

We are now making ourselves known to the public because our goals and mission have been thrown off course through recent world events. The path of creating a civilized culture that is expansive – that seeks out the new and the different in order to learn, to grow, to change – to become inclusive and welcoming is now in jeopardy. So, we are opening our doors to seek out the best students who will take up the cause of becoming our better selves: brave in the face of hate, resilient to life’s challenges, and those willing to put in the work – to embody “The Good” – so we might seek out the best in each other and create a better world.

We are glad you have found us. Welcome.

School is now in session.


About The Chief Librarian: Elle Archibald

Like all librarians, Elle’s job description is multi-faceted. Her mission includes both maintaining the knowledge contained in The Finishing School Archive and adding to the ever-growing collections.

While this position has traditionally been behind the scenes, she has recently been tasked with representing the school to the larger public – mostly because she knows the archive inside and out…and partly because we felt she was spending way too much time in the stacks.

We’ve asked Elle to discuss the basic lessons of our curriculum while also demonstrating the lifelong principles we ask of all our students: continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge by continually trying and learning new things. We’ve asked her to share both our lessons and her experiences here.

We hope that by demonstrating this method of lifelong learning, you will be inspired – but more importantly, that you will recognize and work on your own greatness – that you will participate in “The Good.”

In her spare time, Elle enjoys any and all watersports, listening to music, and has a legendary love of cats. What, you were expecting something else?