Here are this week’s 5 Ready Reference Items:

1. Stoicism: A Summary of what it is and why you should care

This fits really well with Finishing School’s life lessons according to Hypatia. It’s a short read and the video is a great explanation of a philosophy that can add a lot to our lives.

2. 10 Muslim Women who Draw

As the only culture based story in this week’s Ready Reference, you could use it as one of your Cosmopolitanism action items if this is not something that’s already familiar to you.

3. Girl Scouts earning Cybersecurity Badges

I love this! Kudos to the Girl Guides for doing this. I think we should all earn these badges.

4. The Disappearance of Public Intellectuals

This also fits in really nicely with the discussions we’re having on this blog. This disappearance is of major concern to the Finishing School and one of the reasons we’ve come out into the open.

5. Outdoor Education to fight Tuberculosis

I mostly love this just to listen to the old time announcer in the video.