Here are this week’s 5 Ready Reference items:

  1. Black Panther Movie is going to be awesome for black cosplayers

Cosplay allows people to dress in whatever they want, but seeing yourself reflected in society’s pop culture is important.

2. A 257 year old coloring book

See? Colouring for adults is not a new thing.

3) You cannot learn what you think you already know – Life lessons from Epictetus

This is in perfect keeping with our post on Hypatia. When we leave space in our minds to learn new things, we give ourselves the opportunity to change. Believing we know and that there’s no need to listen and learn is hugely detrimental. Lifehacker’s post gives great advice to add to our lives.

4) 7 Reasons you need quiet time

Healthy minds in our busy world require time to heal and rejuvenate.

5) 10 contemporary novels by and about Muslims you should read

This goes hand in hand with #3. What a great way to learn more about something most of us really don’t know much about…unless you’re a Muslim reading this. Then you probably know most of it. But a good idea for everyone else.